Friday, February 3, 2012

A work in progress

Today I wanted to share a space that has been a work in progress for a while. We have a bookshelf in our hallway that we use for most of our books. We also have a play mat and the kids kitchen set right by it. In our small townhome, I guess you could say that it is our version of a play room. The 3 bottom shelves are dedicated to the kids stuff and the top two are our books. It gets cluttered fast and I have tried many different ways to organize. Since my youngest daughter is almost 2, she loves the books, but I think her favorite thing is taking them all off of the shelf. Until today, I had never thought of putting some of the books in groups in containers. Maybe that will help! 

I am new at this blogging business, so I forgot to take an actual before picture, but this was in the process of cleaning it... you get the idea I am sure.

 All done! Not such an eye sore.
It feels great to walk past it now.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The 29 Day Challenge-Before

I am so excited to take on this challenge! My husband and I discussed so many options that it was really hard to only choose one! After discussing our options for half the day, we chose a closet that is in my upstairs hallway. That is where I put my scrapbooking stuff and other miscellaneous craft supplies. I believe that the builder intended this closet for linens Personally, I don't have enough linens to fill the closet, so I use it as my craft storage. I want to organize and use this space as a place to not only put my crafts, but do them as well. (Crazy I know!) I have a couple obsticles that I have to work around and a small budget, but we are going to tackle this! Wish me luck!

Do you see the power box... That is obsticle #1. Obsticle #2, this is also the attic enterance.

Feel free to post any ideas!
Come join the challenge!

My first Post... EVER

So, I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time and did some research and, sad to say, that is as far as it went. So, why now? I saw a challenge on Pinterest (my new favorite place to explore) that sounds like a lot of fun! But, you must have a blog to participate... here I am! :) The purpose of this blog is for me to put myself out there for an extra challenge and to keep myself accountable to everyone who reads this. I want to get my house organized and use all of the "space" to it's full potential in creative and fun ways! Come along with me on my journey, hopefully we can inspire each other!